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Growing brands with lifestyle content


At Hearst Netherlands, lifestyle brands are our core business. As the team behind iconic brands, such as Cosmopolitan, Runner’s World, Vogue and National Geographic, we use high-quality editorial stories to inspire people to go out and try new things. Like the lifestyle brands we collaborate with, we understand how to move audiences using compelling content. At Hearst Create, we have the people, the heritage and the expertise to craft stories that truly resonate with readers and add value to people’s lives. It’s why we are able to attract loyal audiences to our brands.


To build and cultivate our audiences, we collect data, strategise, innovate and develop creative concepts. We consistently publish content across all channels and media touch points in our audience’s customer journey. We distribute, promote and amplify our content to continuously attract new users. To increase relevance and conversion, we analyse content performance and optimise our our content offering using segmentation and personalisation. And, of course, we expand our brands by monetizing our audiences.


Hearst Create, our content marketing agency, brings our expertise to leading brands like yours. Hearst Create merges the latest strategic content marketing insights with vast experience in building audiences through premium lifestyle content. We create award-winning content marketing solutions that not only stand out, but also lead people through their customer journey, resulting in brand lift as well as conversion.


We’d love to hear about your content marketing goals and see how our team of experienced content marketing specialists and lifestyle content experts can contribute to achieving them. In addition to delivering content marketing strategies, creative concepts, content production and optimisation, we also love to work on content distribution and data and performance strategies. If any of these are high on your agenda, give us a call!


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"Magic happens when you're truly convinced that your business partner is on your side. This has been demonstrated in our journey with Hearst Create"

Kenya Airways, Jacquie Muhati