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Founded in 1919, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the world’s oldest operating airline. KLM’s in-flight magazine, Holland Herald, is also the world’s oldest. This prestigious monthly publication aims to entertain and inform passengers during their flights, and enhance KLM’s brand positioning and build customer loyalty. Each month, Holland Herald reaches over 2.7 million travellers.


After 48 years with its original publisher, KLM challenged Hearst Create to come up with a fresh creative strategy, visual identity and content formats, realigning the iconic monthly to contemporary audience needs, KLM brand positioning and advertiser preferences. The audience-monetising strategy was also up for review.


The team at Hearst Create proposed no longer treating Holland Herald as an in-flight magazine and, instead, treating it as a full-blown travel and lifestyle magazine. We paired high-end editorial content and outstanding visual storytelling – created by leading global consumer media creators – with a high-yield advertising strategy.

Lifestyle content gets people moving. In the case of Holland Herald, it literally expands their horizons, stimulating their eagerness to explore the world.


Reader surveys indicate that Holland Herald plays a key role in the KLM in-flight customer experience. Travellers value Holland Herald as “indispensable” during their journeys. Surveys show that 94% of KLM passengers know and read Holland Herald; 87% find the editorial quality excellent; and the content inspires 44% to book their next KLM trip.


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