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‘De Kampioen’ is a broad family magazine that is sent to almost all members of ANWB ten times a year. The magazine has been around for more than 130 years and now has 5.4 million readers. ‘De Kampioen’ is there to inspire, inform and make members feel connected to ANWB by offering inspiring articles about tourism, traffic, transport and recreation.


To offer advice on the role of ‘De Kampioen’ in the media mix. What direction should ‘De Kampioen’ take in order to inform, inspire and activate its members and help them to connect with ANWB? That is the key question that ANWB is looking for an answer to. ANWB wants to reassess the role of ‘De Kampioen’ in the overall media mix in order to form an unambiguous and reinforcing concept for its members. The unique quality and strength of the magazine must also be determined.


First of all, the Hearst Create team gained insight into the environment of ANWB, after which the pain points were revealed. To achieve this, use was made of existing data from internal research within ANWB, supplemented with target audience research and keyword analysis. After that, Hearst Create led a workshop with key stakeholders from ANWB to determine the future positioning of ‘De Kampioen’. Based on these factors, we have issued positioning advice, which serves as the starting point for the further development of a new magazine concept.


  • Positioning strategy for the magazine ‘De Kampioen’ & specials within the media mix (content ecosystem)
  • Advice about the function and role of the magazine with regard to ANWB’s media channels
  • Advice regarding optimisation / adaptation of creative concept & magazine formula


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