5 ways to create award-winning video content 

When developing a strong content strategy, video content is an essential part of the equation. Our Content Lead, Loes Evers, knows all about the importance of video content. On behalf of Hearst Create and Dremel (part of the Bosch Group), she presented the persona-driven Dremel video series before the international jury at the Digital Communication Awards. It was a great success: she walked out with the award. Here, Loes talks about taking your video content to the next level in five steps.

1. Persona-driven

“The video series we continue to create for Dremel are focused on the four key personas that Dremel formulated as its target audience. The attributes of these personas are extensively described in our content marketing strategy and are instrumental when it comes to content creation. You have to know who your target audience is and be as specific as possible – not only to reach the right people, but also to make sure you offer them relevant content.”

2. Consistent

“It’s important to be consistent in your content, so every video series has its own unique look and feel. Each quarter, we create a new video for each series, to make sure our audience is frequently offered new content.”

3. Creatively daring

“Hearst Create always strives to be creative in its content, within the framework of the client’s strategy and goals. With Dremel’s video series, we achieve this through our production methods, scripting, subject choices and style. For example, we’re not afraid to make specialised 10-minute masterclasses, if we believe this is something our target audience is interested in. They’re not very snackable, but it turns out these videos have been highly successful.”

4. Evergreen

“For Dremel, it’s not about trends, hypes and seasonality. The personas we focus on don’t really change and neither does their need for a certain type of content. So the evergreen content we create for Dremel is made to last for many years and can be optimised or updated if needed.”

5. Measurable

“If you want to know if you’ve achieved your goals, you have to make your content measurable. That’s why all of our formats have their own goal in the customer journey of each persona. Each video series also has its own KPIs. A good performance plan gives you better insight into your successes and points of focus. That way, we can optimise and further customise our content for our audiences.”

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