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Customer Journey Content Mapping


Dremel’s mission is to enrich the lives of makers by helping them complete their projects. As the inventor of the high-speed rotary tool, and member of the Bosch Group, Dremel operates in 60+ countries across the globe.


With the aim to stand out in the maker world and engage new customers, Dremel partnered with Hearst Create to take its content marketing to the next level. Our challenge was to build a tailored plan around two key marketing goals: create a centralised, owned content hub, and connect with Dremel’s core audience – correlating to the company’s four key persona attitudes – across all relevant platforms in the 60+ countries Dremel operates in.


The content frameworks we created for Dremel’s key-user personas focused on a strategic mix of paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) media channels, tailored to the brand’s four key persona attitudes. Connecting the dots in each of the four customer journeys, we developed nine centrally developed but internationally scalable serial content formats. All our formats are based on insights and data relating to a specific persona attitude. We continuously optimise our approach using engagement, behaviour and search data.

Each content format has clear KPIs that encourage users to take the next step in the customer journey



The continuous stream of high-quality lifestyle content spread across 60+ countries resulted in significant growth in consumer engagement – the engagement rates of 4% on Facebook and 16% on Instagram far exceed expectations. New website visits also increased significantly. Today, we continue to contribute to the growth of Dremel’s audiences, as we lead them to the next phase in their specific customer journeys.


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Marjolein Denekamp, Digital Strategy & Performance Director

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Countries for which we create Dremel content.

Persona-based, consistent and locally adaptable content formats are driving this scalable content marketing strategy.

Dremel's IG engagement rate

is far above the average Instagram benchmark of 6%.

million is the quarterly reach

of Dremel’s content in its top five countries.

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"Hearst Create's knowledge of strategy, concept development, channels and data helped us create and distribute meaningful content to our customers worldwide"

Dremel, Danielle Beuker

"Hearst Create delivered a high-end creative strategy and concept for our global audience of art collectors, curators and art lovers"

TEFAF, Madelon Strijbos